Tartan Scarves

A brightly coloured tartan scarf can totally transform your look, whether you're on the way to the office, on a night out, or out and about in relaxed casual dress and jeans-wear. A quality tartan scarf makes the perfect gift and with our low price promise and free delivery you won't break the bank buying that authentic tartan gift from Scotland.

We've got neck-wear for every season, warm soft lambswool and luxurious cashmere for the colder seasons, to lightweight and ultra light featherweight scarves which can be worn all year round. With hundreds of Clan, family and district tartans in modern, ancient and weathered colours, there's something for everyone.

Some unscrupulous websites and shops are now selling inferior fake tartan scarves which are made abroad. Ensure that you buy the genuine article by insisting that your scarf either states "Made in Scotland", or "Woven in Scotland" on the label. We are members of the Scottish Tartans Authority and recommend that you shop with members of the organisation to avoid buying imitation tartan products from the many Indian owned stores and websites.