Scots Bonnets

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Balmoral Bonnet Black with Tails - Diced

Last few available!
£139.79 incl tax

The woollen bonnet is thought to have arrived in Scotland through scholars returning home from the centres of learning on the continent during the 16th century. In a country where the weather could change very quickly, the bonnet was quickly adopted and became an essential item of everyday wear. In Ayrshire, the bonnet making trade had become established by the late 1500’s, with a trade guild formed in 1590.

Our bonnets are the genuine article, Ayrshire- made, by Robert Mackie, an old family firm, established over 177 years ago, carrying on the centuries old tradition of Scottish bonnet making. The construction of our Scottish hats is far superior to the cheap foreign copies from South Asia, each Balmoral, Glengarry and Beret Tam is hand finished by highly skilled tradesmen, using the highest quality materials which comply with the rigorous standards imposed by the UK Ministry of Defence for military accoutrements.

Robert Mackie, our hat makers, have ceased making traditional Scottish headwear. Last chance to buy as our remaining stock is now very limited.