Kilt Accessories

Scotland's finest craftsmen made kilt and Highland Dress accessories.

Our range of quality Scottish kilt accessories has been specially selected from Scottish craftsmen who use the finest of materials.

When it comes to kilt accessories we focus firmly on quality over quantity. Unlike many 'heritage' websites, we guarantee that you won't find any poorly made foreign copies of Scottish kilt accessories in our store.

Add a special touch to your kilt and look a cut above the rest with our range of premium Scottish-made sporrans, fine sgian dubhs with real wooden handles, polished pewter kilt pins and cufflinks, Edinburgh hallmarked kilt pins, silver cufflinks from the Western Isles, Clan crest and tartan cufflinks, kilt belts, pewter kilt belt buckles, ghillie brogues, fly plaids, plaid brooches, kilt hose and flashes.