Scottish and Celtic Jewellery

Fine Scottish and Celtic jewellery in pewter, sterling silver and gold.

We stock contemporary and traditional Scots Celtic jewellery to suit all tastes, whether you are searching for a unique gift for a loved one or looking for an individual piece for yourself, our stunning pieces of Scottish jewellery will be admired and treasured for years to come.

Popular jewellery gifts for women include beautiful Edinburgh hallmarked Celtic brooches and pendants, in silver and gold, or stone set with amethyst and cairngorms.

For men, our stylish silver cufflinks and kilt pins set off any outfit, perfect for the man who likes to stand apart from the crowd. The hallmarked silver cufflinks are available in the Celtic cross designs of Iona, Highland targes, contemporary Celtic and also in a wide range of Clan crests. The Edinburgh hallmarked silver and gold kilt pins come in Celtic broadsword, zoomorphic and Clan Crest designs.

Our Edinburgh hallmarked silver and gold unisex Scottish love rings feature Celtic inscriptions of popular Scots Gaelic phrases. These unique statements of enduring love, commitment and loyalty make the bands equally popular as friendship and wedding rings.

Out striking unisex Celtic neck and wrist torcs are substantial pieces with a reassuring high quality feel.

Many websites offer "Scottish and Celtic jewellery" which is actually mass-produced in Asia. Scots Connection operate a strict policy of only stocking silver and gold jewellery which is designed and made in Scotland, helping preserve the centuries old craft of gold and silversmithing in the country.