Tartan Viewer

What does your Clan tartan look like? See it here, and connect with your Scottish family heritage. You can order tartan fabric, or swatch samples, all in traditional 100% pure new wool, from our tartan viewer.

Scots Connection operate a strict policy of only selling tartans that are woven in Scottish woollen mills. Our customers can rest assured that they are getting genuine high quality tartan fabrics, accessories and gifts at the best prices.

It's extremely disappointing when we see retailers/vendors deserting the country to whose heritage they owe their living — just to increase their profit margins. In this increasingly homogenised world there's a growing niche market for the genuine article - real Scottish-woven tartans. A heritage product that hasn't been churned out in substandard foreign mills where issues of health, wages and environmental protection are largely ignored in favour of the unscrupulous retailers and kilt-makers making those few extra bucks and hastening the demise of Scotland's iconic tartans.

Our images of authentic Scottish woven 100% wool tartans from surnames Abercrombie to Young are photographed from our own swatch books to provide the most accurate colour representation possible. However, it's worth noting that the appearance of tartan colours can vary, depending on your computer, tablet, or smart phone display settings. If you want to be absolutely sure of the true depth of colour and the texture of a tartan, order a sample. Samples are great for colour matching and material can be used by tailors, seamstresses, crafters, upholsterers and furnishers.