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Black Leather Day Sporran

£83.79 incl tax

Brown Leather Day Sporran

£94.49 incl tax

Clan Crest Brown Leather Sporran

  • Current make time: 3 weeks
  • £134.29 incl tax

    Clan Crest Black Leather Sporran

  • Current make time: 3 weeks
  • £124.49 incl tax

    Clan Crest Dark Brown Leather Sporran

  • Current make time: 3 weeks
  • £124.49 incl tax

    Black Leather Celtic Studded Semi-Dress Sporran

    £114.49 incl tax

    Black Celtic Dress Sporran

    £199.95 incl tax

    Black Premier Celtic Dress Sporran

    Our Best Quality Dress Sporran
    £279.99 incl tax

    The sporran is an important part of Highland Dress, and as such, should be of the highest standard.

    We offer only the best quality from Scotland’s premier sporran makers.

    The majority of our day and dress sporrans are made by Scotland’s finest sporran makers.

    We also offer the best cut bridle leather day sporrans, from one of Scotland's oldest master saddlers, along with contemporary Celtic and Clan crested designs from makers renowned for their innovative designs.

    Sporrans in the Highlands were traditionally made from leather or doeskin, but since the 18th century materials such as sealskin, and all kinds of furs, have become increasingly popular. We prefer to stock bovine leather rather than sealskin and fur sporrans.

    In recent times a flood of cheap imported sporrans from Sialkot in Pakistan are being offered by some Scottish shops and online retailers, threatening the existence of a centuries old traditional Scottish craft. These pale imitations are often produced by the exploitation of child labour. Children, some as young as six, work long hours for a pittance, under unsafe and squalid conditions.

    When you purchase a sporran from Scots Connection you can be assured that its the genuine article, made in Scotland by skilled Scottish craftsmen using only the finest natural materials.

    Wearing your sporran

    The sporran is worn attached to a chain strap or plain leather strap which fits through the belt loops on the back of your kilt. Avoid wearing your sporran too low - a hands width below the belt is a good general guide and should ensure that the sporran pushes down the kilt whilst seated.