Silver Torcs

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Silver Wrist Torc

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Silver Neck Torc

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The Torc, a prestigious item of adornment, was worn by the elite of Celtic society as a symbol of wealth, status, and power. Torcs were worn by men and women and were often complemented with armlets and bracelets of the same design. Depictions of the gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology frequently show them wearing torcs around the neck. The torc is thought to have given the wearer supernatural powers and protection. Boudica, the Celtic warrior queen, was described by a Roman historian as wearing a magnificent gold torc whilst in battle.

For the Celtic tribes of Scotland, torcs were a mystical item with fine examples given as votive offerings to pre-Christian gods. A collection of magnificent Bronze Age and Iron Age torcs is held at the National Museum of Scotland.

Our stunning solid silver wrist and neck torcs are hand crafted in the Western Isles of Scotland which has a rich Celtic heritage stretching back two thousand years.