MacFarlane Tartan

  • Allow 1 week for dispatch, plus delivery time

  • 100% Pure New Wool

  • Avg. swatch size: 250mm x 200mm (9.8 x 7.9 inches)

  • Fabric supplied in a continuous length
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    The MacFarlane tartan is red, dark green, navy and white. This design is known as the modern colours and is the most popular tartan for the Clan. The Hunting modern is second in terms of popularity with family members. We also sell the ancient, weathered, black and white and hunting ancient. A larger image can be viewed by clicking on the picture. You can order a sample if you wish to own a piece of the tartan or check the colours and texture. Material is also available on this page.

    MacFarlane tartan wear, Highland dress and accessories, for every occasion and every budget, can be purchased through the store. We also have a fantastic range of McFarlane family crests and heraldic crest gifts.

    These items are also suitable for the recognised Clan MacFarlane septs (associated families) of Allan, Allanach, Allanson, Allen, Allison, Bartholomew, Bartie, Bartleman, Bartlet, Bartlett, Barty, Bryce, Callander, Cunnison, Galbraith, Galbreath, Galloway, Kennieson, Leaper, Leipper, Lennox, Macallan, Maccause, Maccondach, Macerracher, MacFarlan, MacFarland, MacGeoch, MacGurk, MacInally, MacInstalker, MacJames, MacKinlay, MacNair, MacNeur, MacNider, MacNiter, MacParland, MacParlane, MacPharlan, MacRob, MacRobb, MacWalter, MacWiliam, Millar, Monach, Munnoch, Munnock, Napier, Parlane, Robb, Smith, Spreull, Sproul, Stalker, Thomason, Weaver, Webster, Weir, Williamson, Wylie and Wyllie.

    • Allow 1 week for dispatch.

    • Average swatch size 250mm x 200mm (9.8 x 7.9 inches).

    • Multiples of fabric are supplied in one continuous length, e.g. a qty of '2' is supplied as a 1 metre length at the shown width.