Tartan Wear and Accessories Info

Celebrate your Scottish heritage with our authentic Scottish made tartan apparel, gifts and accessories. We have a range of 8 oz. plain weave and 10 oz. twill weave tartans to suit all budgets. A dash of tartan brightens up your look and adds a touch of class to any occasion, be it a wedding, function, or a get-together with friends and family.

Our warm brushed lambswool tartan scarves make ideal small gifts, the fine and finest lightweight twill-weave scarves showcase the true tartan colours beautifully. The plain weave featherweight scarf is ideal for wearing in any climate and our sumptuous cashmere scarves add a real touch of Scottish luxury to your life. Men can show off their clan or family tartan with one of our fantastic ties, perfect for the office, or on any occasion where a touch of tartan is required. These fine lightweight or ultra-light featherweight wool ties make ideal mens gifts.

The traditional full length lightweight ladies tartan sash is essential wear at weddings, evening balls, Scottish country dancing and ceilidhs. Whilst tartan corsage brooches, serapes, shawls, serapes and stoles from the finest of Scottish weavers create an elegant look on any occasion.

Tartan cummerbunds, tartan waistcoats (vests) tartan cufflinks, cravats, pocket squares, ruches, braces (suspenders), self-tie bow ties and pre-tied bow ties are popular items of menswear which look outstanding at weddings, formal events and evening occasions.

Our popular tartan literally help you tie the knot and our wedding garters are the perfect accessory for brides with a Scots Connection. Tartan ribbon is ideal for wedding bouquets, flower arrangements and table decorations at Scottish weddings and other events.

Scots Connection are proud to be members of the Scottish Tartans Authority and we guarantee that all of tartans are made right here in Scotland. Unfortunately not all companies are as passionate as we are, in preserving a centuries old craft, that is synonymous with the nation. Avoid Buying Fake Tartans.