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Our tartan design service, provided by Scotland's leading expert on tartans, allows you to create a unique bespoke tartan for your family, organisation, or business.

Creating Your Tartan

Each tartan is made up of a series of inter-related design elements and the first and most important step is to chat with you by email or phone, to tease out what’s going to make your tartan unique.


Tartan comprises between two and six colours (well . . . at a ‘push’ . . . seven!) so, the start of the research is to see what colours would be appropriate. They can be dictated by personal preference; those of a Clan tartan with which you or your forebears might be connected; colours of your favourite sports team; your country flag; your coat of arms or, if an organisation or commercial concern, your corporate colours. The choice – serious or whimsical – is yours!


Tartan is made up of an almost infinite variety of lines and bands of colour crossing at right angles. The widths of those lines and bands are expressed in ‘threads’ so that a narrow line can be as few as two threads and the widest band as much as a couple of hundred threads. This allows for the inclusion of a variety of numerical design elements expressed either as numbers of threads or as numbers of lines – significant dates, significant anniversaries, number and gender of children. Structural elements from a clan tartan or (as mentioned above) colours and geometry of a national flag. The possibilities are bewildering and are only limited by your – and the designer’s – imagination.

Find Out More

Get in touch via the contact form and we can send you full details of the process, including registration details and the fees involved in creating private individual, district, business and corporate tartans.