MacNaughton Tartan

  • Allow 1 week for dispatch, plus delivery time

  • 100% Pure New Wool

  • Avg. swatch size: 250mm x 200mm (9.8 x 7.9 inches)

  • Fabric supplied in a continuous length
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    The MacNaughton tartan colours are red, bottle green, navy and black. This pattern is known as the modern tartan. We also sell the ancient and weathered versions of this sett.

    View the various categories of our store for MacNaughton tartans and Clan crest products. The related surnames of Henderson, Hendrie, Hendry, Henry, Kendrick, Kenrick, MacBrayne, MacCracken, MacHendrie, MacHendry, MacHenry, MacKendrick, MacKenrick, MacKnight, MacMath, MacNachtan, MacNaghten, MacNair, MacNauchton, MacNaught, MacNaughtan, MacNayer, MacNeur, MacNevin, MacNiven, MacNuir, MacNuyer, MacQuaker, MacVicar, Nevin, Nevison, Niven, Nivison, Porter and Weir can also use all of the MacNaughton products.

    • Allow 1 week for dispatch.

    • Average swatch size 250mm x 200mm (9.8 x 7.9 inches).


    • Multiples of fabric are supplied in one continuous length, e.g. a qty of '4' is supplied as a 2 metre length at the shown width.