Glen Clan Crest: An arm embowed, vested Sable, in hand, Proper, a heart Gules.

Glen Clan Motto: Alta Pete (Aim high).

Glen Clan History: Originating from the Glen at Innerleithen, next door to the Royal Hunting Lodge at Traquair, the oldest continually inhabited house in Scotland, Peeblesshire, Sarra de Glen, in common with large numbers of the Scottish nobility, swore allegiance to Edward I of England in 1296. However, Colban del Glen was left a legacy by Queen Elizabeth (de Burgh), wife of Robert I, in 1328, and the King granted him the lands of Quilte in the Sheriffdom of Peebles. The existing Glen House, today the home of the Tennant Family, stands on the site of his original castle.

In 1422, Thomas de Glen was granted safe conduct to travel in England. In February 1962, his descendant John Glenn travelled further, orbiting the Earth three times in the NASA Spacecraft "Friendship 7", thereafter becoming a Democratic Party Senator and unsuccessful presidential candidate for the White House.

Being associated with geological topography, the Glen/Glenn surname is found widely throughout Scotland and additionally appearing as signatories of various charters and land transactions throughout the Middle Ages.

Associated family names: Glenn.

Surname distribution in Scotland: The Glen surname is most prevalent in Angus, Dundee City, Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh City and the Lothians.

Places of Interest:
The Glen House and Estate, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. Glen House, home of the Tennant family, one of Scotland's most colourful dynasties, is a beautiful castellated mansion in the Scots Baronial Style. Available for corporate days, film and fashion shoots, events, holidays and home rentals.

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