Ghillie Brogues

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These classic Scottish-made Ghillie Brogues have quality leather uppers, leather quarter linings, composite heels and soles for better grip.

This brogue is ideal for wedding and general dress wear.

Ghillie brogues are shoes with no tongue and long laces. The holes in the brogues allowed the shoe to drain and dry quickly after trudging through the burns and peat bogs of Scotland. The long laces were wrapped and tied around the ankle which prevented the shoe getting stuck in boggy ground.

To tie your brogues, cross the laces and pull tight, criss-cross them a further 3 or 4 times and pull tight to create a vertical thong. Take the laces around the back of the ankle and cross again, now take both the laces to the front and tie in a normal bow leaving some of the lace and tassle hanging to the front.