There are a multitude of companies offering kilts for sale online and not all are good, some are truly awful. Sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a minefield for the average kilt buyer. The internet is awash with websites that are efficient at marketing and hype but have no real experience in kiltmaking. There are also Scottish-based, South Asian owned, businesses selling poorly made cheap imitations of traditional Highland dress, which adds to the problem.

Some of these offerings may seem attractive and look acceptable online but before long they begin to sag and completely lose their shape. Our kilt makers are regularly asked to carry out alteration work on cheap kilts that are poorly stitched and pleated. Many are so badly constructed that alteration is impossible.

Our medium weight and heavy weight kilts are traditionally made, hand stitched throughout, with a minimum of 8 yards of the finest Scottish-woven tartan fabric.

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