Kilt Outfits

p>Our own traditional made to measure Highland dress outfits consist of fine hand-stitched Aberdeenshire-made kilts with the best quality Scottish made kilt accessories.

Beware of companies offering cheap kilt outfits, these may look acceptable initially, but before long the kilts begin to sag and lose their shape. Our kiltmakers regularly carry out alteration work on poorly stitched and pleated kilts. Some online and high street retailers offer cheaper packages, cutting corners with the tartan fabric and with the kilt construction, often using cheap inferior quality imported accessories made by child labour in South Asia.

Scots Connection kilts are made here in Aberdeenshire by our own highly trained kilt makers who have over fifty years experience between them. Our kilt makers spent five years learning their craft at traditional family kilt makers in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and over the years they have become renowned for producing perfectly fitting kilts of exceptional quality.

We guarantee that all of our kilt accessories, from the sporran to the real wooden sgian dubh, are made in Scotland by the finest craftsmen.

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