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Kilt Hanger

Kilt Hanger

Finding a good quality kilt hanger has always been a problem, most people improvise with skirt and trouser hangers, or use flimsy kilt hangers, neither of which are up to the task. Common problems caused by these types of hangers include bunching, stretching and creasing of the kilt. Often the kilt will slip off the hanger altogether and plastic hangers frequently snap under the weight of the kilt.

When we decided to carry a hanger specifically designed for kilts we wanted to ensure that it was the very best on the market. Over a six month period we tested several different hangers with a heavy nine yard regimental kilt. We found that the majority of the hangers tested suffered from at least one of the aforementioned problems. The clear winner, which we now stock, was the only hanger which provided the strong support required to keep a kilt in perfect condition.

This sturdy premium quality hanger is made from natural light wood and features a metal swivel hook and four strong metal clips which are padded for fabric protection. Our extra large 22" kilt hanger easily gets to grips with the heaviest of kilts and is ideal for keeping your kilt in tip-top condition.

Click on the large view link for an image of a kilt on the hanger.

Hanger Size: 55.9 cm (22")

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Reviewed by Si Cole from Edinburgh

Very well made hanger which does an excellent job of getting the creases out of my kilt. A definite improvment on my old hanger!

April 2009

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