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P Tartans

P Tartans

Pictures of tartan swatches from Paisley to Patriot.


Paisley Tartan

Paisley Tartan

The colours of the Paisley tartan are light blue, light green, black, orangey-red, white and yellow. Click the image for a larger picture of the tartan, or order a swatch if you would like to see the true colours and texture before buying online.

Buy Paisley Ancient lightweight tarta...

Patriot Ancient Tartan

Patriot Ancient Tartan

The Patriot Ancient tartan is a subtle design with muted blue, light blue, black and white colours in the sett.

Swatches of the Patriot Ancient tartan can be ordered below. A fabric sample allows you to see the true colours and texture, ideal if you intend making a large purchase.


Patriot Tartan

Patriot Tartan

The beautiful Patriot tartan has been especially designed for those proud of their Scots connections. The colours in the design are navy blue, black, royal blue and white.

The influence for the design comes from the Douglas tartan, in homage to one of Scotland's greatest patriots, Sir Jam...

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