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Tartan Wear & Accessories

Tartan Wear & Accessories

Celebrate your Scottish heritage with authentic Scottish made tartan apparel, gifts and accessories. A dash of tartan brightens up your look and adds a touch of class to any occasion, be it a wedding, function, or a get-together with friends and family.

What could be more Scottish than tartan? If you buy a tartan scarf, tie, kilt or accessory from a website or shop you will naturally assume that you are getting an authentic Scottish product. Yet sadly, many people who have chosen a ‘Scots tartan’ in all good faith – often paying a high price – are being hoodwinked into buying fake Scottish goods which are actually made in China, India and Pakistan.

So what can you do to avoid foreign imitations and ensure that your tartan is as Scottish as its name? The Scottish Tartans Authority is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting the weaving of genuine tartan and preserving its traditional role in Scottish culture; only businesses selling authentic Scottish tartan can join.

Scots Connection are proud to be members of the Scottish Tartans Authority and we guarantee that all of our high quality clan tartan gifts, clothing, kilts, skirts and fabrics are made here in Scotland.


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Scots Connection Membership of The Scottish Tartans Authority