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The quaich, Scotland's centuries old cup of friendship, makes a perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones, there's something for everyone within our stock range. Strengthen bonds of love and friendship, mark special occasions, such as engagements, weddings and christenings, with a toast of whisky from the quaich. The uniquely Scottish quaich also looks fantastic when on display in the home and office.


Luckenbooth Love Quaich

Ideal Romantic Gift Luckenbooth Love Quaich

This shallow polished pewter luckenbooth love quaich is inscribed with the old Scottish romantic vow "Of Earthly Joys Thou Art My Choice" (You are my choice from all of life's joys). The centre of this quaich features a luckenbooth of two entwined hearts surmounted by a crown, an outer band of fo...

Scottish Love Quaich

A Scottish token of love Scottish Love Quaich

Our Scottish Love quaich is inscribed "And I Will Love Thee Still, My Dear, Till A' the seas gang dry" (And I will love you still, my dear, until all the seas go dry). The words are from the renowned Robert Burns love song: "A Red, Red Rose". The centre of this shallow quaich is decorated with...

Celtic Knot Quaich

A simple yet stylish Celtic gift quaich Celtic Knot Quaich

An outstanding pewter gift quaich with an ancient Celtic knot design in the centre, symbolising unity and eternity. This stylish quaich would make a fantastic Celtic gift for anyone and any occasion.

The quaich has Celtic interlace handles and is banded around the outer bowl with scrolling...

Love Loyalty & Friendship Quaich

A unique Celtic token of love Love Loyalty & Friendship Quaich

Our romantic Celtic quaich features the words Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The words are inscribed in a beautiful Celtic script which is interspersed with shamrocks. The centre of this shallow loving cup is decorated with the Irish Claddagh design of two hands clasping a heart surmounted by a...

Scottish Friendship Quaich

The perfect Scottish gift for friends Scottish Friendship Quaich

Our Scottish friendship quaich is inscribed with the Scots Gaelic words "Ceud Mille Failte" in Celtic script. The English translation "a hundred thousand welcomes", also in Celtic script, rings the outer bowl, Celtic knotwork surround and lugs highlight this stunning piece.

This shallow frie...

Auld Lang Syne Quaich

Auld Lang Syne Quaich

This polished pewter quaich is inscribed with the immortal words: "And We'll Tak A Cup O' Kindness Yet, For Auld Lang Syne" (We will take a cup of kindness yet, for times gone by). The centre of this quaich is decorated with an intricate Celtic triskele design and Celtic spiral handles complete t...

Celtic Cross Quaich

Celtic Cross Quaich

Our stunning shallow Celtic cross quaich is decorated with a highly detailed intricate Celtic interlace design. The central boss is decorated with a Celtic spiral pattern and the handles are in a beautiful interlaced knotwork design.

Celtic crosses can be found on stone carvings throughout S...

To Have And To Hold Wedding Quaich

A premier quality wedding and friendship quaich To Have And To Hold Wedding Quaich

This stunning pewter wedding gift quaich is embossed with the marriage vow "to have and to hold". A beautiful Celtic knot in the centre symbolises union and eternity, making this loving cup perfect for toasting at wedding ceremonies.

The wedding quaich features Celtic interlace lugs and ...

Love Guide and Protect Friendship Quaich

A unique love quaich for couples Love Guide and Protect Friendship Quaich

This beautiful pewter friendship gift quaich is inscribed with the words "to love, guide and protect". The Celtic knot centre symbolises union and eternity, making it ideally suited for couples who have made a commitment to each other.

This unique Scottish loving cup features Celtic i...

New Child Quaich

New Child Quaich

Celebrate the arrival of a new child with this beautiful quaich. The circumference of the quaich is inscribed with the words "Welcome Beloved Child", the centre features a baby surrounded with a beautiful eternal Celtic knot design, symbolising love and long life. Celtic interlace handles complet...

New Birth Small Baby Gift Quaich

Ideal christening quaich or baby gift New Birth Small Baby Gift Quaich

This quaich may be small, but it's perfectly formed. A perfect size for a new baby gift or christening gift. The quaich features the Scots Gaelic inscription Nuadh Breith, which translates as “New Birth”.

A Celtic knot in the centre of the quaich represents the unity and love between the...

The Whisky Quaich

The Whisky Quaich

The Whisky quaich is inscribed with the Rabbie Burns quote, "Freedom and whisky gang thegither, tak oft yer dram" (Freedom and whisky go together, take your double measure often). The centre of this impressive quaich features a Celtic boss and the handles are in a beautiful knotwork design. <...

Burns Selkirk Quaich

Burns Selkirk Quaich

This quaich is inscribed with the Selkirk Grace, an old Scottish thanksgiving which was popularised by Burns. It’s customary for this short grace to be recited, before the meal begins, at Burns suppers the world over.

The Selkirk Grace

"Some hae meat and canna eat,

Large Celtic Interlace Quaich

Large Celtic Interlace Quaich

This impressive large pewter quaich is inscribed with a beautiful Celtic interlace design taken from an 8th century Pictish carving in Angus. The quaich features Celtic interlace lugs and a raised Celtic interlace band which runs around the circumference.

This large Cornish made polished...

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