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See your tartan and order samples from our tartan viewer.

It's always sad and very disappointing when we see retailers/vendors deserting the country to whose heritage they owe their living — just to increase their profit margins. In this increasingly homogenised world there's a growing niche market for the genuine article - real Scottish-woven tartans. A heritage product that hasn't been churned out in substandard foreign mills where issues of health, wages and environmental protection are largely ignored in favour of the unscrupulous retailers and kilt-makers making those few extra bucks and hastening the demise of Scotland's iconic tartans.

Scots Connection operate a strict policy of only selling tartans that are woven in Scottish woollen mills. Our customers can rest assured that they are getting genuine high quality tartan fabrics, accessories and gifts at the best prices.

Our images of authentic Scottish woven tartans from surnames Abercrombie to Young are photographed from our own swatch books to provide the most accurate colour representation possible. However, it's worth noting that the appearance of tartan colours can vary, depending on your computer, tablet or smart phone display settings. If you want to be absolutely sure of the true depth of colour and the texture of a tartan, order a sample.

Our fabric swatch service for ideal for customers who need to view the tartan and feel the quality before placing an order through the website. The cost of your swatch will be refunded when you place an order of over £45.00 in value and notify us of your swatch order reference number.

The story of tartan

Tartan Wear & Accessories

Celebrate your Scottish heritage with authentic Scottish made tartan apparel, gifts and accessories. A dash of tartan brightens up your look and adds a touch of class to any occasion, be it a wedding, function, or a get-together with friends and family.

What could be more Scottish than tartan? If you buy a tartan scarf, tie, kilt or accessory from a website or shop you will naturally assume that you are getting an authentic Scottish product. Yet sadly, many people who have chosen a ‘Scots tartan’ in all good faith – often paying a high price – are being hoodwinked into buying fake Scottish goods which are actually made in China, India and Pakistan.

So what can you do to avoid foreign imitations and ensure that your tartan is as Scottish as its name? The Scottish Tartans Authority is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting the weaving of genuine tartan and preserving its traditional role in Scottish culture; only businesses selling authentic Scottish tartan can join.

Scots Connection are proud to be members of the Scottish Tartans Authority and we guarantee that all of our high quality clan tartan gifts, clothing, kilts, skirts and fabrics are made here in Scotland.

Clan Crests and Family Gifts

We specialise in high quality Clan and family gifts all at the lowest prices on the web. We guarantee that all of the merchandise in our Clan store is made here in Scotland and unlike some companies, we refuse to sell poorly made fake Clan goods from India and the far East.

Our choice selection of the best quality Clan products offers you a variety of wonderful gift ideas for every budget. Choose Scots Connection for Scottish ancestry gifts that you will be glad to give to your friends and family.

Some useful facts about heraldry in Scotland
Tartan Cushions and Throws Scots Connection has tartan soft furnishings to suit all interiors. Our range of tartan cushions covers, throws and blankets is full of bright vibrant designs that will add colour and comfort to your home. Scatter cushions, throws and blankets are a great way to freshen up your living area.
Tartan Fabrics The finest Scottish woven tartan fabrics.

The dyeing of spun thread in Scotland was once carried out by utilising the nations native plant resources. Lichens, bark, heathers, plants, mosses, berries and seaweed were all widely used depending on locality. The colours obtained by using natural dyes had less predictable results and the would fade over time. The ancient colours of today are authentic tartan designs which are produced in softer shades to replicate the attractive effects produced by vegetable colourings. The development of aniline dyes in the mid 1800's produced a wider range of more intense strong colours, these are the modern or ordinary colours which are so popular today. Our aesthetically pleasing mellow weathered designs are authentic Scottish tartans which are rendered in the colourings produced by long exposure to the sun and the elements.

We offer thousands of the finest quality authentic Scottish Clan and family tartans all at low prices. No imports guaranteed - we operate a strict policy of only selling traditional tartan fabrics that are actually woven in Scottish woollen mills, ensuring our customers get the genuine high quality pure tartan material, at the lowest prices around.

We're so confident that we offer the best prices on Scottish tartan fabric, we'll refund the difference if you find the same quality at a better price on any UK website.

Budget plain weave featherweight tartans are the lightest on the market, perfect for making accessories that can worn at any time of the year, whatever the climate.

The lighter weight tartans are used for making a wide variety of items including skirts, dresses, blouses, curtains, table decorations, table runners, tablecloths, napkins, cushion covers, throws, trousers, sashes, scarves, ties, shawls, plaids, cummerbunds, bow ties and light casual kilts for warmer climates.

Our medium and heavy weight tartan fabrics are often used for making throws, curtains, upholstering chairs, stools, settees, seats and sofas, making them ideal for interior furnishing projects as well as traditional kiltmaking.

Read about the story of tartan

Tartan Skirts Tartan skirts in over five hundred Scottish woven tartans - all with FREE delivery worldwide!

We offer a fantastic selection of made to order tartan skirts from cheeky mini kilts to traditional kilted skirts. There's a tartan skirt here for every occasion including clubbing, Scottish country dancing, Burns Night, ceilidhs, weddings, parties and formal evening balls.

All of our tartan skirts are made in Scotland to the highest standards, using only the finest Scottish woven tartan.

Kilts There are a multitude of companies offering kilts for sale online and not all are good, some are truly awful. Sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a minefield for the average kilt buyer. The internet is awash with websites that are efficient at marketing and hype but have no real experience in kiltmaking. There are also Scottish-based, South Asian owned, businesses selling poorly made cheap imitations of traditional Highland dress, which adds to the problem.

Some of these offerings may seem attractive and look acceptable online but before long they begin to sag and completely lose their shape. Our kilt makers are regularly asked to carry out alteration work on cheap kilts that are poorly stitched and pleated. Many are so badly constructed that alteration is impossible.

Our medium weight and heavy weight kilts are traditionally made, hand stitched throughout, with a minimum of 8 yards of the finest Scottish-woven tartan fabric.

Read about the history of the kilt

Kilt Outfits

Free Worldwide delivery is now available on all Scots Connection kilt packages!

Our own traditional made to measure Highland dress outfits consist of fine hand-stitched Aberdeenshire-made kilts with the best quality Scottish made kilt accessories.

Beware of companies offering cheap kilt outfits, these may look acceptable initially, but before long the kilts begin to sag and lose their shape. Our kiltmakers regularly carry out alteration work on poorly stitched and pleated kilts. Some online and high street retailers offer cheaper packages, cutting corners with the tartan fabric and with the kilt construction, often using cheap inferior quality imported accessories made by child labour in South Asia.

Scots Connection kilts are made here in Aberdeenshire by our own highly trained kilt makers who have over fifty years experience between them. Our kilt makers spent five years learning their craft at traditional family kilt makers in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and over the years they have become renowned for producing perfectly fitting kilts of exceptional quality.

We guarantee that all of our kilt accessories, from the sporran to the real wooden sgian dubh, are made in Scotland by the finest craftsmen.

Read about the history of the kilt

Scots Bonnets The woollen bonnet is thought to have arrived in Scotland through scholars returning home from the centres of learning on the continent during the 16th century. In a country where the weather could change very quickly, the bonnet was quickly adopted and became an essential item of everyday wear. In Ayrshire, the bonnet making trade had become established by the late 1500’s, with a trade guild formed in 1590.

Our bonnets are the genuine article, Ayrshire- made, by an old family firm established over 160 years ago, carrying on the centuries old tradition of Scottish bonnet making. The construction of our Scottish hats is far superior to the cheap foreign copies from South Asia, each Balmoral, Glengarry and Beret Tam is hand finished by highly skilled tradesmen, using the highest quality materials which comply with the rigorous standards imposed by the UK Ministry of Defence for military accoutrements.

Kilt Accessories Scotland's finest craftsmen made kilt and Highland Dress accessories.

Our range of quality Scottish kilt accessories has been specially selected from Scottish craftsmen who use the finest of materials.

When it comes to kilt accessories we focus firmly on quality over quantity. Unlike many 'heritage' websites, we guarantee that you won't find any poorly made foreign copies of Scottish kilt accessories in our store.

Add a special touch to your kilt and look a cut above the rest with our range of premium quality Glengarries, Balmorals, Scottish-made sporrans, leather sporran straps, sporran chain straps, sgian dubhs with real wooden handles, kilt accessory gift sets, stag horn dirks, polished pewter kilt pins and cufflinks, Edinburgh hallmarked kilt pins, silver cufflinks from the Western Isles, pewter cufflinks, Clan crest and tartan cufflinks, kilt belts, kilt belt buckles, ghillie brogues, tartan kilt shoe bags, fly plaids, plaid brooches, kilt hose and flashes.

Scottish and Celtic Gifts We offer a wide selection of Scottish and Celtic gifts for all occasions and budgets.

Crystal shot glasses, love spoons, shortbread moulds and Clan maps make fantastic small presents, as do our high quality Scottish made quaichs which are available in a variety of popular designs, to suit every event and occasion.

Goblets, chalices, tankards and loving cups in pewter and sterling silver make fantastic friendship tokens and wedding gifts. They also look great on display as ornamental pieces.

Our unique range of hand crafted tartan handbags are a popular ladies gift.

If you are looking for something a little bit different you can't go wrong with a beautiful unisex Celtic gemstone pendant, an elegant Celtic torc, a Celtic amulet pendant, or a Celtic jewelry trinket box.

If you're stuck for gift ideas see our gift voucher section for the ideal solution to those gift giving headaches. Scottish gift vouchers are the ideal way to ensure that your family, friends, colleagues and clients get the perfect gift from Scotland. Take the stress out of Christmas and birthday shopping by allowing the recipient of your gift to select the present they really want.

Silver & Gold Jewellery Fine Scottish and Celtic jewellery in silver and gold

We stock contemporary and traditional Scots Celtic jewellery to suit all tastes, whether you are searching for a unique gift for a loved one or looking for an individual piece for yourself, our stunning pieces of Scottish jewellery will be admired and treasured for years to come.

Popular jewellery gifts for women include beautiful Edinburgh hallmarked Celtic brooches and pendants, in silver and gold, or stone set with amethyst and cairngorms.

For men, our stylish silver cufflinks and kilt pins set off any outfit, perfect for the man who likes to stand apart from the crowd. The hallmarked silver cufflinks are available in the Celtic cross designs of Iona, Highland targes, contemporary Celtic and also in a wide range of Clan crests. The Edinburgh hallmarked silver and gold kilt pins come in Celtic broadsword, zoomorphic and Clan Crest designs.

Our Edinburgh hallmarked silver and gold unisex Scottish love rings feature Celtic inscriptions of popular Scots Gaelic phrases. These unique statements of enduring love, commitment and loyalty make the bands equally popular as friendship and wedding rings.

Out striking unisex Celtic torcs are substantial pieces with a reassuring high quality feel.

Many websites offer so called Scottish and Celtic jewellery which is actually made in the far East. Scots Connection operate a strict policy of only stocking jewellery which is designed and made in Scotland, ensuring the future of of our Scottish gold & silversmiths centuries old craft.

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