Chisholm Clan

Chisholm Clan Crest: A hand holding aloft a dagger through a boars head

Chisholm Motto: Feros Ferio (I am fierce with the fierce).

Chisholm Clan History:

John de Chesholm of Berwickshire and Richard de Cheshelme of Roxburghshire rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296. However, there is evidence to suggest that the Highland and Lowland Chisholms descend from a common ancestor. Robert de Chisholme was taken prisoner at the Battle of Neville's Cross in 1346, but was later ransomed and became Constable of Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness. He was also appointed Sheriff of Inverness and Justiciar of the North. His son Alexander married Margaret, Lady of Erchless in Kintail, daughter and heiress of Wyland of the Aird, and through this union, Erchless Castle became the seat of Clan Chisholm. From Alexander's son Thomas, born in 1403, spring the Chisholms of Comar and Strathglass. The Chisholms of  Kinneries and Lierty, of Knockfin, and of Muckerach are also branches of the Highland clan

From the Lowland family originate the Chisholms of Stirches and the Chisholms of Cromlix in Perthshire, three of whom became Bishops of Dunblane, the latter also becoming Bishop of Vaison in France.   In the 1715 Uprising, two hundred men of Clan Chisholm fought under the Earl of Mar at the Battle of Sheriffmuir. Although two of The Chisholm's sons fought with the Government troops at the Battle of Culloden, the Clan generally supported Prince Charles Edward Stuart during the 1745 Jacobite Uprising. When the Prince escaped and went into hiding in Strathglass, he was accompanied by Alexander, Donald and Hugh Chisholm.

The Highland Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries drove large numbers of clansfolk overseas, many to Nova Scotia where large numbers of the name are still to be found at Pugwash. In 1887, the chiefship passed through the female line to James Gooden-Chisholm of Surrey whose descendants have now abandoned their English middle name in recognition of the current chief.

Places of Interest.
Chisholm, near Hawick, Roxburghshire was the original sear of the lowland Chisholm Family.

Corriedoe, Glenmoriston, Inverness-shire. Location of the cave in which Prince Charles Edward Stuart  hid  in 1746 with the "Seven Men of Glenmoriston,"  three of whom were Chisholms.

Erchless Castle, Strathglass, Invernesshire  15th century seat of the Chisholms.

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness-shire. Robert de Chisholm, founder of the northern line of Chisholm, married the daughter of the Constable of Urquhart Castle and, in turn, became Constable himself during the 14th century.

Surname distribution in Scotland: The Chisholm surname is most commonly found in Highland Region (incorporates the historic counties of Caithness, Inverness-shire, Nairnshire, Ross and Cromarty and Sutherland), and Lewis in the Western Isles.

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