Russell Clan

Russell Clan Crest: Out of a cloud, a dexter arm, in hand a sword.

Russell Clan Motto: Promptus (Ready).

History of Clan Russell:
This surname originated from the French “Rosel” or “Rous, ” meaning “Red,” and the Russels of Aden in Aberdeenshire descend from an English Baron who accompanied Edward III of England at the Siege of Berwick and afterwards decided to settle in Scotland.

Prior to that, however, a Walter Russell is on record as having witnessed a Charter from Walter Fitz Allan to the Abbey of Paisley in 1164, and a Robert Russel of Berwickshire rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296.

In 1680, Patrick Russel married a sister of Archbishop Sharp of St Andrews, and purchased the lands of Moncoffer in Banffshire.

While there is a perfectly viable theory that the powerful Russell Family of England (dukes of Bedford) is descended from a similar Norman ancestor to the Russels of Aden, this has not to date been proven.

Jerome Russell, a Greyfriars priest, was burned for heresy with John Kennedy in Glasgow in 1539. Alexander (1715-68) and Patrick Russell were two brothers who were resident physicians with the Levant Company in Aleppo in the mid-18th century , the former publishing A Natural History of Alepp, with notes from the latter. They discovered the Syrian Hamster. Colonel William Russel of Ashiesteel served under General Lord Clive of India. Major General Sir James Russel, son of the former, commanded the Brigade Cavalry at the Battle of Mathedpoor in 1830. Alexander Russel (1814-76) was editor of The Scotsman newspaper in 1848.

Surname distribution in Scotland: The Russell name is widespread throughout all areas of Scotland with especially high clusters in the Highlands, Glasgow City, Dunbartonshire, Edinburgh City, the Lothians (Linlithgowshire, Edinburghshire and Haddingtonshire), Argyll and Bute, Fife, Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire.

Places of Interest:
Aden, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. Ancient seat of the Russels of Aden.

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