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MacDonald Tartan

MacDonald Tartan

The MacDonald clan tartan is dark green, navy blue, red and black. The modern, displayed here, is the main tartan for the Clan. We also sell the ancient and weathered variations and designs for different branches of the Clan. other Click the image for a larger view of the pattern. This image is photographed from our own swatch books to give you a good idea of the colours and design, however web colours vary and we strongly recommend that you order a sample if you need to be absolutely sure of the true colours.

MacDonald tartan wear, Highland dress, Clan crests and family gifts can be ordered through the website.

MacDonald tartans and clan items are also suitable for the recognised septs (associated families) of Alastair, Allister, Anderson, Ballach, Beath, Beaton, Bethune, Bowie, Brodie, Budge, Buie, Bulloch, Cambridge, Cathal, Cathil, Cochran, Cochrane, Coll, Colson, Conn, Connal, Connell, Cook, Cooke, Coull, Coulson, Cririe, Cromb, Croom, Crum, Daniel, Daniels, Darrach, Darroch, Donald, Donaldson, Donnell, Drain, Dunnel, Forrest, Forrester, Galbraith, Gall, Galt, Gauld, Gaul, Gilbride, Gill, Gorrie, Gorry, Gowan, Gowans, Hawthorn, Heron, Hewison, Houstoun, Houston, Howat, Hoew, Howie, Howison, Hudson, Hutcheon, Hutcheson, Hutchin, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutchon, Hutson, Isles, Jeffrey, Keegan, Keighren, Kelly, Kinnell, Laing, Lang, Leitch, MacArthur, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBrayne, MacBride, MacBryde, MacCaa, MacCairn, MacCambridge, MacCarron, MacCaw, MacCAy, MacCluskie, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacConnal, MacConnell, MacCooish, MacCook, MacCosham, MacCrain, MacCran, MacCririe, MacCrorie, MacCrum, MacCuaig, MacCuish, MacCuithein, MacCutchen, MacCutcheon, MacDaniell, MacDrain, MacEachern, MacEachran, MacElfrish, MacElhearn, MacGaa, MacGaw, MacGeachy, MacGechie, MacGee, MacGhee, MacGhie, MacGill, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGoun, MacGow, MacGowan, MacGown, MacGrain, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIllrick, MacIlreach, MacIlrevie, MacIlriach, MacIlwraith, MacIlwrick, MacKay, MacKeachie, MacKee, MacKellaig, MacKelloch, MacKerron, MacKey, MacKie, MacKiggan, MacKinnell, MacLairish, MacLardy, MacLarty, MacLaverty, MacLeverty, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacO'Shannaig, MacQuilkan, MacQuistan, MacQuisten, MacRaith, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRuer, MacRury, MacRyrie, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSwan, MacSween, MacWhan, MacWhannell, Mark, Marquis, Martin, May, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, Murphy, O'May, Paton, Patten, Peden, Purcell, Reoch, Revie, Riach, Roderick, Rorie, Rorison, Ryrie, Shannon, Shennan, Sorley, Sorlie, Sporran, Train, Whannell, Wheelan, Whelan, Wilkie and Wilkinson.

Swatches are ordered from our weavers.

Allow one week in addition to delivery times stated at checkout.

Average swatch size 250mm x 200mm (9.8 x 7.9 inches).

MacDonald Tartan fabric can be ordered here.

See the MacDonald Clan crest here.

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